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I wanna shut down the club, with you...

My third load of laundry is in the washer, as is my second load of dishes this morning. I also inventoried and re-packed all the Wincon supplies so those are all set for shipping next year. Now I just need to go through the pile of junk that's mine and/or trash. This has been a necessary but exhausting process. I'll be glad next year that I did it now, though!

I also need to make a cake for work. This MUST happen today. I also have to work tonight, get my flu shot, and early vote. I NEED MORE TIME.

And, I'm waiting for annkiri to get back from "running errands" (she's at the spa) and then we're going to lunch and Sam Moon.


Some other things:

  • My mom is having a very small birthday party for me next Sunday. I mean, like, full on cake and ice cream on paper plates. It will be so fun but also something totally suited for a 14-year-old. I'm kind of into it though.

  • My birthday is in five days. Just FYI.

  • Does anyone have awesome plans for Halloween? Are you dressing up? Tell me everything!

  • I just posted a fun thing at the wincon LJ, go check it out!

  • I started this list with the intention of dropping, like, ten random and interesting things into bullet points, but now I have 30 minutes to make the aforementioned cake AND get dressed, so. Instead I must run. *flails a little on the way out*
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