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boots and cats and...

  • Yesterday I went to vote, and there was a young guy a few people ahead of me in line. When they swiped his ID, the woman said, "Oh, this is your first time to vote?" He nodded yes. Then she was like, "GUYS! FIRST TIME VOTER!" and all the workers in the room started clapping and cheering. I legit voted with tears in my eyes. It was such a beautiful moment.

  • I BOUGHT AN ORANGE PURSE! I know runedgirl will be proud. Also, wutendeskind wishes this happened a week ago so she didn't have to keep a hand on her own awesome orange purse every time we talked at Wincon. (I probably wouldn't have stolen it. Maybe.)

  • I got to have lunch with annkiri yesterday! MIRACLE.

  • My 40th birthday is in four days! EXCITING.
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