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Since I'm transitioning jobs, they gave me the weekend off, which is nice in theory, but in actuality means I burned my day off before I even started and now have to work six days in a row. Thanks? Today is my first day at new!job and I am unreasonably nervous. I think this is going to be a good, but really tough job. A lot of responsibility is going to fall on my shoulders. And that's ok. It's just...I was good at old!job and really, it didn't even feel like actual work. This DEFINITELY is going to feel like work. Alas. We shall see what today holds!

In the meantime, I totally should stop at Starbucks on my way in, don't you think? I'm pretty sure it's a First Day of Work morale imperative. *firm nod*

Yesterday I mainlined all the Elementary episodes I'd DVRed. I really like it. Fun show. It reminds me a lot of House, which, yes, I KNOW House was based on Sherlock to begin with. But also the pacing and structure and how it's a serious show but there are funny elements and strong characters, and yeah. I will continue watching!

Now, if I could just find time to watch all those back episodes of Arrow and Revolution...

I also got to read a little fic, which was nice. I have missed J2 in my liiiife! Have you guys read anything awesome lately? Link me! I don't want to miss anything good!

Also in the panic section of my brain...the election. All this too-close-to-call stuff is giving me an ulcer.

I always love to read my horoscope, it's just a fun thing. Do all papers do the special "if today is your birthday" horoscope? Well, I wanted to capture mine from this year:

"If today is your birthday, you may feel you are on a roller-coaster ride during the year ahead, as both Saturn and Jupiter contact your area of the cosmic pie several times and force crucial decisions for better or for worse. Between now and mid-December, hold off on major decisions or changes and just buckle down to fulfilling existing obligations. Opportunities may arise in January to enhance your reputation, so that is a great month to make major changes."

Done and done.
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