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I feel like a heel for just swooping in to quickly read and leave no comments, and then post again...but here we are.

1. I survived my first day in my new spot. It was meetings all day, so taxing, but not hard. We shall see how today goes! I get to give a tour, which I love to do. I also was called to sub in for a story time today, which I KNEW was going to happen. In fact, I was so certain, I prepared an extra story time (theme: election day!) before I even left last week.

2. The election. OH MAN. I read this morning that some people in some small town in somewhere up North and cold, traditionally cast the very first ten ballots in the election. For the first time ever, those ten votes evenly split -- five for Obama and five for Romney. UGH. I bet we don't even have final results until sometime tomorrow. Frankly, I'm just trying to put it out of my mind. I already voted, and we can't talk to people about it at work, SO. My part is done and I'm counting on the rest of you to carry it through.

3. I have had a menstrual migraine for two days and I would like it to go away, please. Advil and ginger ale do nothing. *whimper* Any other suggestions?
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