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follow the road that leads away from everything

After working six straight days, I have had two off...IN A ROW. The exciting madness! Every bit of yesterday was taken by my parents and I journeying into Dallas to see the closing show of the opera Aida, which annkiri worked on. It was so grand and amazing. I'm not shy about saying that opera is not my most favorite type of theater, but every time I see something Becca has worked on, I love it. The lesson I've learned is that I just need someone to EXPLAIN and then I'm like....OH I GET IT WOW. Yes.

Then, we had dinner with my parents. My mom was starved and a little crazy but I got cheese blintzes for dinner, so mostly it evened out.

Oh, also. Yesterday morning I got to read some fic. DELIGHTFUL. I miss it so much.

Today I am off to do one million errands and then play with my BRAND NEW IPAD. I haven't even taken it out of the box yet! I love my birthday season! Speaking of, I also MUST write thank you notes today. Gah. Better late than never, yes?

Happy, happy Monday y'all!
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