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so I'll cash my checks and place my bets, and hope I'll always win

♥ I am looking for a copy of Pink's I'm Not Dead album...anyone?

♥ Putting together a playlist and I want to know -- what'd your favorite song at this exact moment? Answer with whatever your gut just said.

♥ The complete Friends series is out on Blu-Ray. I WANT IT.

♥ I hate when web sites force you to pick a password that conforms to certain standards. I understand it's for safety but in reality, all it accomplishes is me having to submit a forgotten password request every single time I log in because they wouldn't just let me use the password I can remember!!! *flail*

♥ Guys, I'm not sure how to bring this up. I'm not sending out holiday cards this year (not unusual, I almost never do) and so I have not been signing up for your card posts. I love to receive cards, and if you want to send me one, it will bring me great joy. But I will be upfront right now that I will not be sending one back. I do mail all year long though, so. But I have in the past been BLASTED for not sending holiday cards in return. Which seems a bit like missing the point of holiday cards, in general. But whatever! *handwave* Find your own bliss. It's all good. This is my policy on holiday cards: love to receive them, do not send them. Now you know.

♥ I had another ocular migraine this week. I last had one a year ago and had rather hoped there never would be another. But here we are. My eye doctor saw me after the last one and said it definitely is not retinal, which is good. He also said that if it happens again, I have to see a doctor. SIGH. I don't wanna. On the other hand, I still feel crappy and I don't want that either.

♥ I have been really, really stressed out about making banana pudding for my family's Thanksgiving, and a Texas sheet cake for my co-workers. REALLY STRESSED. It occurred to me today for the very first time to...just not do it. Right? Talk about missing the point. I will be happy and loving and thankful and we will have dessert the week after Thanksgiving and everyone still will eat it.

♥ Today my mom and I are going to look at a house. It looks great online but I think it's too far from work. Mom disagrees. We shall see. Then, I'm going to have lunch with one of my fave library friends. Then, it's all laundry all the time until bed.

♥ In conclusion: Jared Padalecki's dimples. Always.
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