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Had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was just Mom, Dad, and me. Mom hasn't been doing as much cooking the last few years, but this time she was really into it. She made rolls from scratch, stuffing from scratch, pie dough from scratch...it was amazing. Such a gift to me, I'm so grateful. Then we watched Jeopardy until our eyes crossed (I tweeted all the Final Jeopardy answers to cherie_morte who knew all the questions but one) and then we played cards until I had to go home. It was very relaxed and calm and wonderful.

Have any of you watched Wedding Band? It's really fun. Goofy and endearing, I'm going to keep watching it. I also have all nine aired episodes of Revolution DVRed. Should I start or let it go? I got split votes on Twitter, so LJ? My TV future is in your hands to decide.

And then I started watching Teen Wolf. For real. I literally only have watched one episode so far, but the cast is realllly pretty and the main guy spent 75 percent of the first episode shirtless. YES THANK YOU. Fear I may already be doing the shipping wrong however. Whoops? More on this later when I've gathered additional information.

I had to return something to WalMart earlier and there was no line at customer service! And then, when I left, an older gentleman (employee) gave me a free bouquet of beautiful yellow flowers.

All in all, I am pleased with today.
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