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oh what a shame that you came here with someone

Today I'm doing my last story time for awhile, alas. Of course, in October I thought I'd done my last one for awhile and I ended up doing eight in November (double the amount I did when I was an actual children's librarian), so...you never know!

I turned in FOUR proposals for teen programs yesterday. I'm so nervous. *bites nails*

I have three days off this week. THREE!! Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Ooooohhh, I cannot wait. I have to go sign some legal documents and look at yet another house on Thursday. But then! THEN I am going to immerse myself in J2 fic and watching Teen Wolf. I. Cannot. Wait.

I also plan to start wrapping Christmas presents and doing a ton of cooking. (Need to make a cake for work, at minimum.)

Good times coming up shortly!!

I might also write some letters. Want one? I'll do five, so leave me a comment, if you do. Comments are NOT screened so don't leave your address. If I need it, we can PM, ok?

This entire entry is nothing but the word "I"...that can't be good!!
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