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I haven't moved from the spot where you left me

Oh you guys. I am so overwhelmed with life right now. On Wednesday, I burst into tears during a staff meeting. On Thursday, I got into a HUGE fight with my mom, and instead of shopping as we planned, I literally did a highway U-turn and took her back home because I literally could not stand to look at her for one second more. (It was a mutual feeling, I assure you.)

So it's all been an emotional and rocky ride lately.

But, in better news:

  • I went to Central Market and spent a million dollars on cheese, chocolate, and pear cider. Delicious. I also got some beautiful fresh flaked coconut. It called to me. What should I do with it??

  • Those of you at wincon may recall that zubeneschamali made an amazing and gorgeous SPN-themed quilt, which I REALLY, REALLY wanted to win in the raffle, but ultimately did not. At some point, we chatted and I convinced her she graciously offered to make a quilted ipad cover for me. It came this week and it is STELLAR. I love it so, so much, it's perfect. Do you want to see pictures? Click here! Thank you Zuben, you made my week!

  • All I want to do today is read J2 fic and watch Teen Wolf. LUCKILY! I'm off today, so as long as I also do some laundry around the edges, I totally can use that as my plan for today. Thank goodness.

  • I also fully intent to spend a lot of time on livejournal today, so...make a post. Leave a comment. Write some comment fic. Post a picture. Anything! Just do something on LJ in the next 24 hours so I can dwell in a positive, fun space and not my own head. Pretty please? MWAH!
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