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it always comes back to Jared

OK, SO. I have finished watching the first season of Teen Wolf. I liked it! It definitely is a show that improves by watching many episodes in a row, I think. (Versus only watching one a week, in real time.)

I am having some shipping issues in that I really just want Scott, Jackson, and Derek to be naked and in a big puppy pile, at all times. And oooohhhhhh, the scene with Derek in handcuffs and Scott just standing there? *dies* Straight out of my brain. Also, the scene where Jackson is lifting weights and Derek is watching him. GAH. Such delicious fanservice, I approve!

I like Stiles a lot. He's funny and smart and a really unique character. I like that he's not intimidated by what's happening around him and that he's fighting to support his friends. However, no matter how hard I try, I just cannot find him sexually attractive. I mean, he's adorable and sweet, but..eep. *hides from everyone*

It also occurred to me that this show is pretty much patterned exactly after Angel. They may be vampireswerewolves, but they are vampires werewolves with PRINCIPLES. Also there are hunters. And conspiracies. And Lydia is clearly Cordelia. And the vet reminds me so much of Lorne. And, and, and...etc. Angel. With shirtless, hot werewolves. The. End.

OH AND ALSO. Tyler Posey. In addition to his normal hotness and OMG abs, he also has floppy brown hair and dimples. I'm just saying. Twitter tells me it's ok to refer to him as baby!Jared. Which is good. Because in my head, I already do.

Did I mention Derek, Scott and handcuffs? Yeah. CANON.
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