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Can I make it? Damn right, I'll be on the next flight.

Is there any nice way to say, "Yo! If I wanted to see your tumblr, I'd follow you ON TUMBLR." No? I thought not.

Guys, I am at such a crossroads in my life. And I am locked up with indecision. I want to change everything, yet at the same time, I have no idea what to change. But, I know it has to be something. This is all I think about, all day long. Things to change.

Some things I'm mulling over today:

Food. I was doing so well with my eating and food, for real. Then Wincon happened and my birthday and my job changed and Thanksgiving and I got lazy and a little addicted to bad, easy food and now, here I am. I MUST get this back under control. Not only because I have gained eight pounds (!!) since the beginning of October but simply because I feel so much better when I eat better. I'm under too much stress from things I cannot control to let this one wear on me too.

Hermit-ness. I do not want to leave my house. Ever. This happens to me when I'm stressed and depressed. I just curl up and settle in. It's my equivalent of drinking myself into a stupor. I HAVE GOT TO LEAVE MY HOUSE. Sounds easy, actually is very difficult. Work doesn't count somehow, that's just total autopilot. Anyway, I'm off today and I've just got to go outside. Maybe to walk around Target. I don't know. It's all just very intimidating out there.

The house. SPEAKING OF. I am strongly contemplating buying the house I'm currently renting. I have to make a decision soon and I'm paralyzed by pros and cons. I just want to know which way is the right decision. But I only can know that in hindsight, so here I am. Obsessively obsessing and deciding nothing.

Some other things...

I almost am done Christmas shopping! I need one more thing for my mom, a gift certificate for my brother, and to wrap everything. But! Almost done!

Just four more episodes of Teen Wolf to watch! I had forgotten what's it's like to watch FUN TV. Love it! And by "it," I mean all the hot, shirtless guys. Yeeessss. Please and thank you.

Considered going to the movies today, but nothing looks good. Have you seen anything awesome lately? Don't tell me what was passable. Tell me what was worth me spending $10 and two hours of my life on.

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."
--Robert Frost
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