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Last Saturday my library had their annual Dickens festival and it was SO FUN. All the youth staff dressed up in costumes (real costumes, rented from a shop), and it was AMAZING. I had a top hat with a feather and a bow, and a huge skirt with both a petticoat and a hoop underneath. I wore motorcycle boots under all that. (I also fell flat twice, both times in front of my boss, ARGH. Those skirts are difficult to move around in!)

Anywhoo, my Dad took pictures and if he ever sends them my way, I will share! (He's only just now finished my birthday pictures from October, though I have yet to see them. *taps fingers*)

This morning I made two batches of Christmas crack, and have hot chocolate spoons solidifying in the fridge. I still have to figure out packaging, WHICH I PERHAPS should have thought about prior to making them. Whoops.

This afternoon I'm going to my thyroid doc for my annual check and then I have about an hour to waste doing something, I do not know what yet, and then I have to go pick up my co-workers so we can trek into Dallas to see another co-worker conducting some percussion group at SMU. Frankly, I do not want to go. I know I will end the night exhausted and cranky. However! I really, really adore these people so I know the drive will be great and Mr. Conductor does not know we're coming, so it'll be a super fun surprise.

OK, gotta go work on labels for the chocolate spoons. Possibly also name tags. We'll see. I have about 30 minutes to decide and create. HAHAHA.

Later guys. Much love!
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