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where there is a flame, someone's bound to get burned

I want a Beacon Hills Lacrosse shirt.

Today I read a fic where someone dirty-talked the word "pliant."

My financial adviser sent me this enormous frozen apple pie in the mail. I'm not a huge fan of apple pie, but my brother loves it, so I thought, "Excellent! I will take it to his house for Christmas!" He lives in a teeny tiny town just outside San Antonio. Well, when I looked at the box more closely I found that the pie was originally made and shipped from that same small town! CRAZY. That pie is going full circle, baby!

So much has happened in the last week...we held the library's annual Dicken's festival (pictures of me in a hoop skirt will be forthcoming), I handmade hot chocolate on a stick with personalized chalkboard ornaments for all my co-workers (pictures later too), I got my hair cut and colored, we had our group holiday party, I went with a group of co-workers into Dallas to hear another pal conduct a percussion group...I also worked seven days straight.

I had today off but spent it getting my haircut and reading Teen Wolf fic. SIGH. There should be more Scott-centric fic in the world, really there should.

Need a Teen Wolf icon.

I work Friday and Saturday, and then I'm off for five whole days. Very exciting! We're going to San Antonio to be with my brother's family, and I cannot WAIT to see Addison and Drew. I miss them so stinkin much!

Mostly I just want to sleep.

But now I shall go eat some cheese instead. Happy Thursday!
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