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Some Teen Wolf Recs (Scott/Stiles)

I have been told that it is Scott/Stiles Week on Tumblr. I don't tumbl, but I do LJ, so how about some fic recs here, instead? If you know of any other awesome ones (fic, art, icons, whatever!), please share.

But first, I have things to say, haha.

I know that Derek/Stiles is the Teen Wolf fandom's main ship. And, when I say "main," I mean "only." Yet, when I was doing my watch and live!tweeting, there were MANY people who were into other ships. It's like...a secret people are afraid to confess. Don't be afraid y'all. You're not alone, even if it feels like you are. *fist bump*

I don't really understand how anyone could NOT ship Scott and Stiles. It just seems so CLEAR to me! Those two are flipped over each other! He's the only one Scott trusts to take care of him during the full moon. They have been friends for ages and are fiercely loyal to each other.

Also. Here are just a very few of the bajillion shippy canon quotes between these two:
This new-found heroism is making me very attracted to you.
--Stiles to Scott

You want to make out a little, just to see how it feels?
--Stiles to Scott

Stiles: Dude, you've still got me.
Scott: I had you before.
Stiles: Yeah, and you've still got me.

  • anchor me back down by Bontaque -- (Scott/Stiles, mature, 4,564 words) -- After high school, once Allison has moved on and the boys are in college, Scott is without and anchor. He finds one in Stiles, because he has always had Stiles and always will.

  • Apparent Lack of Ceremony by Loz -- (Scott/Stiles, mature, 3,104 words) -- Scott keeps climbing into Stiles' bed at night to cuddle. They don't talk about it in the morning. (This is my favorite, bar none.)

  • as the moon waned to crescent we started to kiss by cassiehayes -- (Scott/Stiles/Allison, explicit, 6,964 words) -- Allison and Stiles are both there to help Scott get through a full moon. (LOVE the scene of Stiles and Allison sitting in the hall listening to Scott change. It's a nice throwback to the canon scene where Stiles sits there alone the first time Scott changes -- one of the most poignant scenes in the entire show, IMO.)

  • Best Friends, Secrets, and Summertime Firsts by Twelvefootmountaintroll -- (Scott/Stiles, mature, 1,356 words) -- Scott and Stiles spend their summer the best way they know. Featuring pouty lips, smoking, and makeouts in the Jeep.

  • Into Me (See?) by deathgetsusall and mrsvc -- (Scott/Stiles, mature, 7,730 words) -- The simplest and most understandable way I have ever heard intimacy described is by breaking the word down: in to me see. That is what intimacy is about - allowing another person to see into us, sharing who we are with another person. - Robert Burney

  • Just Have to Find a Better Way of Communicating by twilight_shades -- (Scott/Stiles/Allison, NC-17, 9,100 words) -- Stiles gets tired of being the go-between and declares that he'd rather be the between.

  • Petting isn't just for dogs by naefic -- (Scott/Stiles, mature, 811 words) -- Tipsy cuddling between friends leads to more.

  • Roadside Assistance by autoschediastic -- (Scott/Stiles, mature, 3,741 words) -- "Ow, okay, what part of ow are you not getting? God, is this how you cuddle?" "I'm not trying to cuddle you," Scott says, rooting determinedly around. "I'm trying to keep you warm."

  • Steer by Rrrowr -- (Scott/Stiles, mature, 2,031 words) -- They're well beyond the days when Scott had to be chained to radiators during every full moon, but sometimes there's just enough stress around these critical few days that Scott reverts back to form, requiring an extra ounce of control that cannot be provided by anyone other than Stiles.

  • Whatever the mess you are (you're mine, okay?) by queerly_it_is -- (Scott/Stiles, explicit, 4,478 words) -- Scott has no idea what they’re doing. Well, okay he knows what they’re doing, it’s just...how do you wrap the right definition around "I’m screwing around with the guy who’s my brother except we aren’t really related?"

    And a bonus fic where Stiles and Sam Winchester are text buddies. Right??? Also, I still want the fic where Scott and Sam wash the car, shirtless and with lots of water, while Dean and Stiles watch. YES, PLEASE.

  • hot-blooded (check it and see) by foxglovely -- (Stiles and Sam, gen, 545 words) -- What if Stiles is doing research and he finds a message board and asks some questions and some dude PMs him and is like "hi here is stuff I know," and they chat and Stiles gets help from him sometimes and they actually become internet bros. And the guy doesn't give out his real name of course and neither does Stiles...but, the guy’s name is really Sam Winchester...what if...?

    AND ALSO, a bonus RPS rec because...why not? There should be more of this too, ok?

  • Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into by anonymous -- (Tyler/Dylan, mature, 1,017 words) -- Dylan has very low standards. Just take a fucking shower, Posey.

    1. Apologies, I have no idea how to code usernames from AO3. Also, I don't understand their vague rating system.
    2. Sciles??? Really?!?! That's what we're going with? Are we sure about that choice?
    3. Thanks to the zillions of awesome enablers who forwarded all these fic links to me in the first place. Y'all are awesome.
    4. J2 recs coming later this week.
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