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I haven't listened to music in ages, I miss it

Thank you to everyone for the awesome gingerbread V-gifts. Those things make me so stinking happy! ♥

OK, so what did you think of the Leverage finale? I was pretty impressed. I didn't always love that show completely but the ending gave me gooey feelings, so I feel it was well done.

Then, the Burn Notice finale. I do not understand the very end!! Did anyone see and want to discuss??

Should I cancel Netflix or rewatch Teen Wolf? CHOICES.

I ordered some tea in bulk from Amazon, which I have done a zillion times before, and when I opened the box this morning, it was the wrong tea. AHHH! That's never happened to me with Amazon before! They're sending me a replacement order free of charge, but still. Such a bummer. And this wrong tea does not taste good. *pout*

Andy and April leave tomorrow for their vacation in the Dominican Republic, so they're bringing Addison and Drew to stay for a week at my parents. MEANING. I get bonus snuggles tonight! I am so excited to get to see them again so soon!

Lastly, I'm trying to decide what to do on New Years Eve. Some of my work buddies are having a game night, so probably I will go to that. On the other hand though...I sort of want to just stay home with my puppy dogs. SIGH. Being anti-social is sort of horrible y'all.

P.S. Remember when people used to make icons? I miss browsing icon posts. *wistful*
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