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full of fandom love

  • Gen got a twitter. @realGpad

  • Jensen is gonna be a daddy.

  • Both Jared and Jensen are attending the PCAs, which means they probably won something (hopefully many things!), and I just read that they're presenting too. So they will defiantly be on our TV screens! (I will miss it all, so someone post pics, PLEASE.)

  • Fandom's death has been greatly exaggerated: there already are 183 comments on the BB schedule post. People are out there!

  • I'm doing an event tonight with teen author Walter Dean Myers.

  • There is Tyler Posey RPS on my flist this morning! Hallelujah! (Also, GIFs on twitter of Tyler being licked in the face by an actual wolf. YES.)

  • I did a rec list of teen books yesterday, and recently did a whole J2 rec list of fic where the boys spend the morning together, which is a scenario I LOVE, so. Check that out too!

    Happy Fandom Tuesday!
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