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two out of three

LiveJournal, there were three things I was going to ask you for help with today and now I only can remember two. So annoying!

First, anyone know where I can go to buy customized temporary tattoos? Preferably in bulk, cheaply, and online.

Second, I decided to do the Month of Letters challenge. (Thank you tsuki_no_bara!) But instead of writing one letter a day, which will never work for me and I'll just get behind and CRY, I'm going to aim to just mail 28 things within the month of February. I'm actually quite excited. I have a while stack of postcards, and I might mail some Valentines, and I convinced a volunteer at the library to die-cut a whole SLEW of construction paper hearts for me, so! I have ideas. And probably will go ahead and address all 28 things today while I'm still feeling motivated.

This poll is closed.

Want mail? Gimme your address please. Don't forget your name!

And, thirdly...WHO KNOWS. AHH. *flails*
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