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1. svmadelyn is again doing her lovely Valentine's Day Game. This is SUPER fun, and after a year or two without, I'm stoked that she decided to do it again. What you do is, send in lovely things about up to 14 people and Mad compiles them into a huge anon list of love. It's like...positive anon commenting. I KNOW RIGHT.

As always, I encourage you to think hard about who on your flist needs love. Then, give it to 'em!

2. Last night I had dinner with a group of co-workers. We're having some issues with work things (specifically our boss) and we wanted to get together in a non-work setting and discuss. And y'all, this amazing thing happened...we solved all the problems. AND, we solved them within ourselves. Like, first we complained and vented. then, I made everyone say good things about work (because there truly are so many) , and then I said...now what are we going to do about it? And sincerely, every single person was like, "Well, I need to communicate better about this/change this/ cut her some slack on this/etc." And I left so uplifted and feeling so supported, and YES. Good meeting. Also, there was pizza.

3. Speaking of pizza, ALL I WANT TO EAT IS PIZZA. All day, every day. WTF self?

4. In addition to the Valentine's Day Game, I also am going to make Valentines for my family today. We're talking full-on construction paper hearts and glitter glue. I am very excited!

5. Also exciting is that the AC repair guy AND the handyman are coming this morning and everything will be fixed and YES. This day will be a huge relief once it's all done. I am pre-pleased!

6. ♥ ♥ ♥
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