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I don't get the references you refer to

I really could have sworn that I made a post already today, but apparently I only dreamed that. So now I will report that I went to the dentist. I love my dentist. The hygienist spent a long time explaining to me what I needed to do to correct a minor problem, she even gave me all the rationale and science behind it, and the more interest I expressed, the more she shared. It was just like, I don't know, like she wanted me to understand. I just appreciated that she took so much time and effort with me.

Also, I had a filling that chipped off and it's one they did for me about 18 months ago, so they're going to repair it totally for free. SCORE.

Look how exciting my life has become, I just wrote two paragraphs about going to the dentist.

Right next store to the dentist is a Wal-Mart, so I ran over to get milk and apples. As I was leaving, there was a guy standing by the door who is pretty much your stereotypical geek-guy-who-lives-in-his-mom's-basement. That image that just popped into your head is exactly what he looked like.

Anyway, he had on a cool Avengers t-shirt and as I walked by, I said, "Cool shirt, I like it!" He smiled huge and said, "Yeah? Thanks, I like yours too!" (It was my Winchester and Sons tee.) We both grinned and walked our separate ways.

It was a cool nerd moment, just right out in the open, in public, in the sunshine. I liked it.
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