I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind


I don't know how to write this, so I'm just going to try and see what happens...

My dogs, Max and Val, have met so many fangirls, and been loved by so many people, that I often joked that they were fandom's mascots. So, it seems only right to share with you that Val died very unexpectedly last night. I was awake and with her when it happened, I literally felt her heart stop beating under my hand. She had been struggling with some pain for a few weeks, but her end was peaceful. (My Mom said that in all the time they've had dogs, she's literally never had one die at home, on their own. So, I'm grateful for that.)

As you can imagine, I've very torn up. Max and Val mean the world to me, and I love them so much. There's just a big hole in my world now, and it's awful.

You don't have to say anything, truly. I just needed to share this with you, I knew some of you would want to know.

Here's the last picture I took of Val, just two days ago:

 photo val4_14_13_zps8dc8f2e7.jpg

That's her in my icon too.
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