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I see the future but live for the moment

As deirdre_c mentioned, she and I (and others) have made a pact to post every day this week. You should do it too. It's fun! Also, I set up a calendar reminder for myself and it says "Make LJ Post -- it's the law," which I just find hilarious.

Had a great day with my parents. We introduced Max to Lily (my parent's dog) and they got a long fine. PHEW. We had baked potatoes for lunch and my mom and I had several long talks about nothing, and it mostly was just very nice.

At the end of our visit, I checked my work email to find my mid-year review was ready. Unfortunately, it was very harsh, and I was very upset. I'm pretty crushed about it frankly. I called two of my library buddies and they agreed to meet me for a bit to talk me off the ledge. One of them also had seen her review and it also was really rough, so I don't know...maybe our boss is just a tough reviewer. But it sure isn't motivating, I'll tell you that much. (Yes, we'll discuss it in person.)

I'm really so sad about this job, for so many reasons. But the people I work with are just amazing. Some days that helps.

Today I slept in very late and now am puttering. I have the last two episodes of The Following to watch, and I'm pretty sure I want pasta for lunch. So...onward!

Also, I've checked in 100,000 Big Bangs (not really, obviously) but I remain so impressed by our fandom. I can't wait to share all the amazingness with you guys!
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