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I don't care, I love it

Well, I survived yesterday. But it was a close thing. I'm ready to put the whole day in my rearview mirror and just move forward.

Is anyone else having tons of trouble with gmail? It just keeps freezing and/or saying it's unable to get/send/whatever my email. *taps fingers on desk* Unacceptable.

OK, so I want to talk about make-up. RIGHT??? I have not really worn make-up since high school. For reals. I put on powder and chapstick every day and that is the extent of my entire make up knowledge.

SO. I would like to know what products you love. What techniques you use. How should I learn to apply it, what looks good on me, what I NEED.


Also, today I love thehighwaywoman more than AIR. But not coffee. No offense. Starbucks will be receiving my retirement fund today, doled out in $5 increments.

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