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you want to hug me...what rhymes with hug me?

I bought a new couch, loveseat and chair for my downstairs living room! This is randomly very exciting to me. This house shall be a home, etc. The couch and loveseat are a pale olive green-ish color (mandyremains, the website calls it Tuscan Taupe -- fate?) that's really different for me. It's the one thing I'm unsure about. The chair...WELL. It's the delicious, loud print of red, green, and orange circles. It's both horrifying and magnificent at once. I love it so much. The couch and loveseat are being delivered this Thursday. Eventually I still need at least one end table, a TV table, and a TV. But those purchases will have to come later. One step at a time!

I got some samples of Selma Hayek's new beauty line, which I believe is sold at CVS (!!) I am OBSESSED. It smells good, feels good, I love everything I've tried. One of my "chores" for today is to go browse the collection and buy more. Here's a link.

It looks like I am going to see neither New Kids on the Block nor Justin Timberlake in concert. Super sadface. If anyone is going, please let me know immediately! I want to tag along!

I am obsessed with these cookies. They're decorated like ice cream cones and I want them in my bellah! So adorable and delicious looking!

You guys MUST check out this amazing link zubeneschamali shared: Service Dog Arrives At College Graduation In Cap And Gown, Becomes A Celebrity. Talk about feel good!!!

That's enough ramble for now. Hope everyone is having an awesome Monday!
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