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I've always depended on the kindness of strangers

My new couch and loveseat were delivered today, it's very exciting! I politely asked the movers to pleeeease move the old ones out to the curb and they really, really did not want to, but in the end, they caved. The old ones were furniture that my brother left here when he moved out and they were very old. His dog also slept on them every night and they smelled disgusting. So anyway, they were out on my curb and some lady rang the doorbell and asked if she could PLEASE have them for her daughter who was couchless, and I said sure. And SO. They are gone and helping someone else and yay. Furniture karma.

The other day I was walking Max and this tiny little girl came outside and said, "Oooooh! I loooove your puppy!" and it delighted me so much. And (with her mom's permission), I asked her if she wanted to pet Max, and she did, and Max loved it. Good moment. P.S. I love my puppy too!

I have no food anywhere in the house and I really need to grocery shop. But, nothing sounds good. What should I make to eat this week LJ? Help me!

Tomorrow, I am giving five 30 minute presentations to middle school girls about why they should be a librarian. *beams* I'm super excited. I wanted to make some slides and was poking around on Prezi and found the PERFECT presentation, already existing! I googled the creator, emailed her, and BAM. She agreed to share it with me and to let me use it. I love librarians!

What have you guys been up to? I know nothing, tell me everything! What shows are on now? What music do you love? What book are you reading? What great fic have I missed? What product are you obsessed over? What movie should I see on my next day off? And don't forget to tell me what to eat! Basically, just tell me everything you love. ♥
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