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the kindness of strangers

I came home yesterday to find my mailbox completely uprooted and laying on the curb -- post, box, everything! AHH. There also was a very nice note on my door, which impressed me. I called the guy and he explained that he lost control of his car (the power EVERYTHING died suddenly) and he rolled down the hill in front of my house and just hit the mailbox. Total bummer for him, and he clearly was very concerned I would be pissed. (Which, I truthfully was not -- accidents happened, and he owned up to it, SO.)

This morning, two of my neighbors (who I do not know) came by to stand on the front porch and smoke (!!) and let me know they took pictures of the guy's car in case he didn't contact me. I find this weird, hilarious, and kind -- all at once.

The lawn guys also were here and asked if they could replant the post. I said YES PLEASE. They came back later to say it was "a little broken," which makes me laugh. (It's very broken.) But I can't fix it today, SO!

In short, broken mailbox! Awesome people! Don't stand on other people's porches and smoke!

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