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five things i'm thinking about plus my icon

First of all, you should go and vote about what panels you'd like to see at wincon. I'm DYING to see the results. Lots of creativity and diversity in topic, I love that!

Second of all, WTF Gmail? I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting all my email until today when I discovered that the new Gmail in-box automatically sorts your email into pre-determined folders and then you can't see the messages unless you click on the tabs. WHAT???? For one thing, shouldn't *I* get to categorize my own email? For another, how about letting ME choose which folders I see and which I don't? I did discover a way to make everything visible, but it seems like that should be the default, rather than just hiding everything and making me re-choose to make it visible again! And YES, I know part of this is my own fault for not reading the "welcome to the new Gmail" email, but seriously...it's an email in-box, how complicated does it really need to be??

Third of all, I have a pinched nerve in my right shoulder, and it's killing me. Yesterday, I also developed an intense headache behind my right eye, which may or may not be related. I decided to stay home today to rest and see the doc. I feel intense guilt about forcing my co-workers to cover my programming. This also is the first sick day I've taken since I started working at the library in April 2011. I feel a bit failure-ish about the whole thing.

Fourth of all, I still have not watched Teen Wolf and now am four episodes behind. SIGH. Perhaps this afternoon will finally be the time?

Fifth of all, check out this amazing post cherie_morte sent to me along with a message that said "I feel like this tumblr post understands you, Wendy." True fact, it does.
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