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we run things, things don't run we

Had such a fabulous day yesterday. I had to briefly go to a meeting in the morning, but it turned out to be fun, so I forgave it for existing. Then I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a bunch of storage containers. *swoon* I also picked up Starbucks and delicious Which Wich.

I watched four episodes of Teen Wolf -- SO FUN OMG, honestly, I just sort of want to watch Teen Wolf forever, at all times -- and now I'm having withdrawal. All I have to say is this: #truealpha. *firm, impressed nod* (SHOULD BE AN ICON.)

I also played around with eye shadow (more practice needed), did all my laundry, took Max for a very brief walk, and some other stuff, I don't even know.

It was the perfect mixture of productive and relaxing.

Two thumbs up day off, two thumbs up.
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