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I wanna see you be brave

Went to see my mom yesterday and it was very hard. She's so doped up and shaky, and has so much trouble moving around. But, we had a nice visit. I asked her what she missed most, and without missing a beat, she said "Popcorn. From the theater. With butter." Well, that's an easy one, so I went around the corner and picked some up. She really liked that. We had a little impromptu party and that was fun.

I'm having late lunch with a friend today and will stop back in to see Mom again after that.

Friday was Drew's fourth birthday. I got to Facetime a little with him and he was so happy and adorable. I kind of adore that the kids still think it's a big deal to video chat with me. Technology is amazing. I asked Drew if he'd saved a piece of birthday cake for me. He emphatically said "YES!" I, surprised, said, "You did??" He grinned huge and said, "Nooooooo!" Hahaha, goofy kid.

Addison recently went on a trip with a set of her other grandparents, so I asked her about it:

Me: I heard you went to the Grand Canyon. What did it look like?
Addison: Eh, it's just a big hole.

She'll be seven in March. SEVEN!! I do not understand the passage of time.

Some things I'm obsessed with right now:

  • Natural Lip Balm from Made On

  • The song Brave by Sara Bareilles

  • Sesame Honey Almonds from Trader Joes

  • The Quarantine series by Lex Thomas (I read the second book all in one sitting last night!)

  • Birchbox, just in general.
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