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life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes

ash48 linked the SPN season 8 gag reel and it is as glorious as you'd expect. So funny and wonderful. Love our SPN Family!

The season 8 DVDs go on sale soon -- tomorrow, I think -- are there any deals or special things this year? Where should I buy??

I've just been the worst about reading and commenting lately, I'm sorry. I've been so depressed and frustrated with work that I've finally come to the "I don't care anymore" part of the equation. Thank goodness. Because after I cease caring about everything for awhile, then I care again. Shhh. Does too make sense. In any case, I don't care!

Now, tell me your fandom happy place right this very second.

And, if your RL happy place is something different, tell me that too!
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