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I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar

I owe several people emails, and I'm sorry. I'm still trying to dig out from under being gone for wincon. Tomorrow is my first day off since returning, and that's number one on my list. (Also, lots of cooking. And, laundry.)

Related, I also promised people I would mail them things, and I will. Have faith, friends!

I was thinking slightly of starting to listen to Night Vale, pretty much solely because of the awesome t-shirts I saw at wincon. It sounds like such a cool concept. But then I realized there are 33 back episodes -- I'll never listen to that many podcasts! It's kind of a deal breaker. If I started listening right now, would that be the biggest mistake ever? I WANT TO.

My birthday is in ten days. TEN DAYS!!! I need to make some plans. I have to work late the night of my actual birthday, but am hoping I'll at least get to do lunch with co-workers. Oh, I should bake something too. HMMM. I'm going to see my parents the weekend before -- I asked to go to a movie, and to shop for a new shirt -- and again on Halloween night, which we always have at my house since I live in a neighborhood. Should be fun. I feel very low key about my birthday this year and I do not like that. Time to pump it up and GET EXCITED. Birthdays YAY!

And now, I'm off to get a huge Starbucks and go to work. Blergh.
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