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1. Did a neat event the other day where we had 50 Japanese exchange students and their families, and about 30 American students come together in one place. We served food, had discussion questions, played video games, played board games, mingled... (side story: one of the Japanese teachers asked me in very careful and very broken English what the word "mingle" meant. I explained. He smiled SO BIG and thanked me. He said he'd only heard the word one other time -- on Beverly Hills 90210.) Anyway, it was great fun. I loved watched groups of teens (both Japanese and American) huddled together looking at things on ipads, or playing checkers using just hand motions to communicate, or whatever. Moral of the story: kids are the same all over. Good times.

2. Am attempting to download Welcome to Nightvale, as I type this.


4. Last night I did a program at the library branch where I used to work. I had two patrons come over and spend a good amount of time talking with me. They both said how much they missed me. It was very kind, I miss them too! Totally made my day. I so miss getting to interact with actual patrons.

5. Jared and Gen are my FAVORITE. (via missyjack)

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