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remember who the real enemy is

It's super cold and rainy and just generally BLAH outside. I work today but am off tomorrow, which seems like good timing since we're apparently getting ice tomorrow. Hopefully it clears up by Monday when I have to work again. My boss assigned me to work three late nights next week, which is something we don't normally do. I know it's a passive-aggressive punishment on her part. And, while I would prefer NOT to work nights, I've decided to focus on the positive, which is this...I get to sleep in every day next week! *beams*

Tomorrow I shall be hibernating. I have Iron Man 3 on DVD, and I still have all the unwatched episodes of Arrow from this season. I was behind two SPN eps as well, but watched one last night and hopefully will watch the other tonight. PHEW. I also want to bake a cranberry-almond cake and drink a lot of tea. Maybe upload some new icons.

OH! I saw Catching Fire yesterday! It was very good -- but the book was so much better. I wish I had re-read it before seeing the movie, alas. But still, really good. I remembered what happened at the end, I mean, I was expecting it, but still. Left feeling rather depressed! I didn't care for the third book but have been thinking about re-reading it anyway, I mean, time has passed. Maybe it'll work for me now that I'm outside the hype and expectations? At minimum, I'll cheat and re-read the wiki page, HA. (Cliff Notes version 2013.)

Alright time to go outside and freeze. Later gators!
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