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looks so good I might die

I have the most INSANE vacation fever and do not want to work and AHHH. It might be the first time ever that I'm excited to have programming all afternoon and evening because at least I will not be trapped in the tiny closet they made into my office (for real, and I share it with anther person.) Perhaps I will even get Starbucks when I leave here in a few minutes.


Anywhoo, let's chat, so I can be distracted.

  • How ADORABLE were Jared and Jensen at Burcon? AHH. They never, ever disappoint.

  • What are you reading? I just finished The Bling Ring by Nancy Jo Sales. I'm OBSESSED.

  • What are you doing for Thanksgiving? What are your traditions?

    Now, show me pretty pictures, tell me happy things, link me to things you like. Whatever. *waves hands* Anything goes.
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