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2013 in review...one sentence at a time

This is one of my fave December traditions, it always is illuminating.

2013 in review...one sentence at a time:

January:Last night sparkymonster tweeted a picture of herself in a leopard coat. And I thought, "Oh WOW, that is so awesome. I want a leopard coat!" And then I thought, "I would never actually wear a leopard coat." And THEN I thought, "Whatever, Be Different."

February:salt_burn_porn sign ups are live...go for it! 24 hour porn tag. So much fun!

March:I have yet another bladder and kidney infection, it's miserable. I also am just about to start my period, so my body continues to be a wonderland. *grumbles*

April:I've been in a really bad headspace lately, but just not willing to complain about it because I didn't know what to DO about it. But now, thanks to four days off (IN A ROW!!) I've been able to take some steps. It's amazing what a difference a few nights of really good sleep can have on your outlook.

May:I have an 8 a.m. staff meeting today (who DOES that??) so I'm just jetting in briefly to say two things.

June:I ran away from work early (shhh!) and today is my Friday, meaning I have the next two days OFF, and I am very, very excited.

July:Do any of you read makeup blogs? Which ones do you like? Product reviews, tips and tricks...that's the sort of thing I'm looking for.

August:Y'all. It is August. The eighth month of the year. I don't understand how we got here. Where did my year go?? WHAT IS HAPPENING.

September:Got to spend some time with my parents yesterday. Mom still is in pain, and deeply depressed. I took her a Martha Stewart Halloween magazine, which she loved.

October:October is my most favorite month of the year.

November:We had 79 trick-or-treaters on Halloween!

December:I really want to read some schmoopy, sexy J2 and can't seem to settle on anything. Suggestions? Old or new, doesn't matter, I'll take anything!

This has been a challenging year. My job turned out quite different than I expected when I started it a year ago. I got rather bogged down in negativity. But, wincon reset my brain. Just being around people who only wanted good things was what I needed to be reminded that what happens at work is NOT my whole existence. And things have been much better since then.

I remain eternally grateful for all the amazing people livejournal and the internet have brought into my life. You are my joy.
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