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They say you should begin the year the way you want to finish it. For me? I choose oogling Jared Padalecki.

Here's the birth announcement from the January 13, 2014 issue of US Weekly:

 photo Clipboard01_zps79ead13d.jpg

And here are some random pics of this gorgeous guy:

 photo tumblr_mu1c47Krwe1qbmsv5o1_500_zps47ad17b2.png

Can never be too much of this one!
 photo photo_zps33b0848a.jpg

Tweeted by Jared to show his low battery:
 photo BWqPzJzCMAATE0s_zps2d217a33.jpg

 photo BciwnzrCEAAWTCE_zps08114f59.jpg

 photo BcmjeJbCIAAWRsY_zps72eb641a.jpg

 photo 1520718_10152096605702365_112246822_n_zpsac755d7b.jpg

My own phone wallpaper!
 photo 601057_10152031517072365_1535328849_n_zps0900fe9d.jpg

 photo Bc1g1Q5IUAAemNK_zps984bdfeb.jpg

 photo 1377076_10151927486962365_1486400058_n_zpsefc1af5b.jpg

 photo 1470366_10151999377947365_1789226958_n_zps2c47d640.jpg

 photo BaNmoTACIAEJQCl_zps6ea895ef.jpg

 photo tumblr_mudxu8YFxT1rbi0oio1_500_zps3f1bee64.png
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