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I am nuts for real, but I'm okay with that

I'm off today, but have spent the majority of it working on an application for a leadership conference I want to attend. Spots are hotly contested and you have to be chosen. So...could go either way.

My boss is furious that I applied to apply (oh yeah, you had to do that too) without asking her permission first. Which was an error. I should have done that and I really screwed up by not doing so. She said she'd do her best (worst?) to insure I was unable to attend, so I briefly considered just sandbagging the application. But then, her boss offered to write me a recommendation letter and review my applications, so I decided to just go for it. For one thing, I'm a bit under qualified anyway, so it won't hurt my feelings if I don't make the cut. Second, if she wants to ruin it, that's on her, not me. I can only control me.


One of the sections asks you to "list key community, civic, service, business, social, religious, and other non-library organizations in which you held an office or had a leadership role within the past five years."

Other than fandom things, which I am hesitant to list, I've really got nothing. I put everything I had into job-related training, Big Bang, Wincon, and Addison and Drew. The rest is just Max, coffee, cheese, and my couch. Pretty sure that's not gonna win it for me.

So I'm feeling a bit low about all that. A bit like a failure in general. I know I'm not, but still. I'm here and I have nothing and BLERGH.

Also, it is bitterly cold outside and I've just GOT to put on clothes and take Max for a walk and to say that I REALLY don't want to is just putting it mildly.

Anywhoo, I'm fine, just a bit low. No need to fluff my ego, I just needed to get it all out. *sigh*

Oh AND ALSO. I'm out of milk. How am I going to drink tea in the morning??? DISASTER.
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