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Well, I have to go back to work today. I still feel gross, but definitely better. Also, the predicted freezing rain never showed up, so that's a plus.

Sweet Max has been on some new medicine that's really helped his breathing. Not sure he can take it long-term, but the vet refilled it for me, so let's see how long he'll keep providing it. Max slept all night in bed with me, which is the first time in months. Normally he has to get up and walk around because he can't breathe. So sad. I just...this dog. He's my best friend y'all, and this is really hard.

Last night I dreamed that we were all at wincon and affectingly was supposed to meet me for dinner, but didn't show up. And then I took a nap. And when I woke up I called her and she was all, "Oh, I was annoyed so I flew home." WHAT. Unacceptable, Amber. Just so you know.

I love tweeting authors on my book twitter. It never, ever becomes any less thrilling when they reply. *beams*

ALSO! VERY IMPORTANT. Today and tomorrow are the last days to leave love in svmadelyn's annual Valentine's Day Game. It's a tradition! Also, super fun, so go do it! SPN fandom always has had a good turn out for this -- don't let it devolve into just hockey people this year. Make YOUR fandom love known!

Who wants a cupcake postcard? I'll do about ten or so -- no worries, I'll close the poll when I reach my limit.

This poll is closed.

Who wants a postcard? Name and address, please!

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