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I'm a female rebel, can't you tell?

This will be my seventh day in a row to work and I am exhausted. Luckily, Sundays are short days. I'm going to run by CVS to pick up a prescription and shop. (I have $8 in extra care bucks, which means free stuff for meeeeee.) Then Starbucks. Then work. Yay.

Tomorrow I'm off. WOOT. Getting my hair cut...thank goodness. It's so fried I barely can get a brush through it. Then, heading to the far Goodwill to look for something to wear in Vegas. I already hit the close Goodwill and found lots of stuff, but nothing for that purpose. Alas.

My new TV is all set up downstairs and I love it a lot. Can't wait to watch it tomorrow while I cook -- something I've not been able to do in this house before. Will also finish my Frasier re-watch tomorrow. Only three episodes left. :(

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