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Are you sure you wanna ride with me? If you scared don't lie to me.

First of all, girlguidejones and cherie_morte were talking about chocolate malts on twitter and now? NOTHING WILL DO UNTIL I GET ONE. (Although these pita chips dipped in chive and onion cream cheese are keeping me from hurting people in the meantime.)

Remember how I worked seven days in a row last week? This week too! Though I did take a half day Monday and today. And I will next week too! *flail* See why I need the malt?

Also, I have a 20 percent off coupon at CVS, good only this weeken,d and I cannot figure out when to go. BUT I WILL. Oh, yes I will.

The backyard fence between mine and my neighbor's house was wobbly. The posts supporting the fence were bowing and coming loose from the ground. They're on the neighbor's side of the fence, so the repairs have to come from there. I spoke with him and he said he'd alert his landlord. Fine.

That was more than a month ago. Nothing ever happened, and as of last night, the fence is completely down, flat on the ground. I no longer can safety let my dog out into my own backyard. This is unacceptable. I filed a complaint with our Neighborhood Association, so maybe that will compel the guy to get on fixing it? I don't know.

Also, I spoke to the neighbor this morning and he mentioned he was moving. I'm not surprised. No one ever stays in that house and the landlord is clearly a moron. But it still shocked me when I came home from work and there was a huge moving van outside. I somehow didn't realize he meant he was moving...THIS MINUTE.

*deep sigh*

Life. Crazy. Still no malt. The end.
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