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Hi LJ! I'm still here! Some things that have happened recently:

  • The fence between my house and the neighbor's is still down. But the shed door is open this morning, so someone has been over there, which is good. They did not contact me about it however, which is bad. Just fix it! Or cut me a check and *I* will fix it! But please do SOMETHING.

  • Got my hair colored and it was awful and brassy and unflattering. Had to go back and have the stylist re-do it. I've never done that before. She was super nice, but I felt so awkward. The same lady has cut my hair for about four years, so I hope everything will be smooth and not weird.

  • Watched Nebraska, it was good. Caught up on The Following. It was good. Have read no fic in AGES. Feels bad.

  • Max feels SO SOFT today.

  • I'm ten hours over on my time this pay period, which is an issue because boss won't approve that much comp time all at once. On the other hand, she made my schedule. I'm interested to see how she handwaves this.

  • Speaking of boss, she leaves tomorrow on vacation. WOOO. Next week, I'm working fulltime at a branch for four days and I'm extremely nervous about it. Then, I leave late, late, laaaate Thursday night for Vegas!con and Jared and Jensen and fangirls. I just cannot wait for happy times and no work drama.

  • Last night I had the BRILLIANT (if I do say so myself) foresight to stop at Starbucks on the way home for an iced coffee, which I saved and will drink this morning during my commute. Yeeesssss.
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