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Vegas Con 2014!

I had so much fun in Vegas! I got there late, which was a bummer, but I completely enjoyed the experience, all the same. If you haven’t seen pics or vids, I highly recommend that you locate some. The boys looked killer, per usual. I expect by now that the high points have made their way around, so I’ll just quickly talk about my autographs and pictures.

annkiri and I took a pic with Rob Benedict. I had just walked in from the plane about an hour or two before then, but it ended up being one of our all-time fave pics we’ve ever had done at one of these cons. She and I both looked relaxed and happy, and Rob’s blue eyes just SHINE.

We also took a pic with Matt and Richard, just for fun. It was the day after karaoke, so they were dressed in normal clothes. They were talking to each other when Becca and I walked up, paused to smile for the pic and then kept talking. I asked Richard what was going on and he just laughed and said, “Like I know??” Adorable. I really like these two guys. I like all the con guests but Richard has really endeared himself to me (and everyone else too.)

Jared and Jensen had been filming until 5 a.m. that day and then flew in for the lunch panel. They were EXHAUSTED. Jensen was amped beyond belief – I suspect a great deal of caffeine was involved. Jared was kind and sweet and as adorable as always, but he literally could barely hold a smile on his face. You could tell he was just beyond tired.

Because of that, both my photo opps went very quick. No real stories to tell, unfortunately. Well. Two small ones. With Jensen, I was weirdly holding my photo ticket and then when I walked up to him, I literally held it up and looked panicked. He was all, "Yeah, you don't want that in the picture!" So, for unknown reasons, I just...held it outside the shot. So, I totally have one weird arm, it's funny.

For Jared, as soon as he saw me, he said, “Hey babe!” and gave that big, dimple-ey smile and then I blacked out until some time later. Guuuuuh. So hot. Both boys were sweet and kind and I thanked them both for being there.

For the duo opp, I was determined to not repeat what happened in Dallas. Per usual, I walked up, snuggled next to Jared, BUT THEN! I remembered "connect with Becca!" so I real quick wrapped one arm around her. It's a good picture except that I look like I have no arms and only one leg. It's pretty funny. The boys, of course, look amazing.

The photographer's CD burner wasn't working so our pics have to be emailed. Hopefully soon. I'll share when I get them.

For autographs, I had each guy sign the Sam or Dean figurine. I thought it would get a cute reaction, but neither seemed into it. That’s two years in a row that I thought I had a good idea and instead it fizzled. BOOO!

For Jensen, I handed him the thing and he said, “Where do I sign??” I said, “Oh, anywhere you can find a place.” He laughed and said, “It’s not that easy!” I thanked him again and moved on.

For Jared, I handed him the Sam figure, and he right away moved to sign it. I apologized if my question was too personal, but asked if he and Gen were going to release Shepherd’s middle name. He said that Shepherd WAS the baby’s middle name. I was like...errrr. He smiled and went on to say that his full name was Austin Shepherd. I asked if it was Austin, as in Texas. He said not really. He and Gen both knew guys named Austin who were good people and they just thought it was a good, strong name that they both liked. I said that was awesome and he went on to say that even so, “We call him Shepherd. Or Shep.” I said awesome again and he smiled a HUGE dimple-filled smile, winked and said “Thanks babe.” I blushed like mad and stepped away quickly so as not to embarrass myself further.

GUH. Just. What he does to me! *flail*

Other high points included:
  • Jensen playing cow bell.
  • Misha bringing West on stage.
  • West throwing the band’s instruments on the floor.
  • Guy Bee’s daughter Lulu – a DELIGHT.
  • The ending wrap up when Misha was talking about Rob being healthy again.
  • Jared and Jensen rapping to Ice Ice Baby.
  • Jared saying he identifies more with Sam and Dean now that he’s a parent, “I’d lay down my life for my kids.”
  • Jared’s dimples.
  • OH. Also. Jared was wearing the BEST cologne. No idea what it actually was, but it was delicious.
  • All my time spent with annkiri, fangasmspn, and loveisimmortal
  • Randomly running into two people I'd met at wincon!
  • THOSE STUPID GATES. (Becca and I flailed every time the stage manager appeared.)
  • Felicia Day: “Everyone needs representation. Tell people who you are.” “How dare you measure me. Be concerned with yourself.” “The worst thing in the world is feeling excluded.”
  • Sometimes, things go awry.
  • Gary auctioning Ty’s poster for charity.
  • Mark S. telling me, "Darling, I've been signing autographs since I was 15."

    Can't wait to do it all again.
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