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I'll be the teacher and you can be the lesson

I am in a pretty darn good mood! Partly because I snuck away from work early...SHHH! But also because golden_cyborg posted a new update to Red Like Blood In Veins of Blue. I am OBSESSED with this story. I literally lay awake at night thinking about it. When I saw an update come in on my phone, I pulled over into a parking lot to read it. Just. This fic has eaten my brain and I LOVE IT.

Speaking of love (as you do), big_heart_june and paperbackwriter are doing daily picspmas inspire by the fic above and that also is driving me insane in all the best ways. Why do I have to do anything at all, ever, except talk about this fic? LIFE IS UNFAIR.


June posted this pic in today's post:

 photo tumblr_n3ko3sTNqa1rk2jcho1_500_zps07759598.jpg

It's just pretty much PERFECT. Anyone feel up to making an icon that matches? Pretty please? I WILL BEG. Or, really any icons at all inspired by that fic or those incredible picspams. I mean. I'm not lying. Thinking about this ALL THE TIME.


Other reasons I'm happy include the Keuring coffee maker that was waiting on my doorstep when I got home, the delicious baked potato I just ate, Max begging to play fetch (he could breathe enough to PLAY), the amazing book I'm going to read after I watch Survivor, and the fact that I get to sleep in tomorrow.


How's your Saturday? Tell me everything. Then, go read that fic. I want icons and more pictures, and music it makes you think of, and I. DON'T. EVEN. KNOW. Anything else you can come up with. Just. EVERYTHING.

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