I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

my left stroke's the death stroke

So, I'm off today and totally have a free day. What should I do with it?

My parents are in San Antonio for a few days, taking care of the kids. I called last night and they were in the car. (My mom's bluetooth answers the phone, so it comes on over the car speakers.)

So anyway, I was like "HI GUYS" and this happened:

Drew: Aunt Wendy, I'm waving at you!
Me: Hi Drew! I'm waving at you too.
Drew: *annoyed* Nooo. Aunt Wendy. I've been WAITING FOR YOU.

He thought I was going to come up separately like I did at Christmas. *clutches heart* That just broke me wide open. Luckily Addison was there to repair me.

Me: Addison, how's school?
Her: Good.
My Mom: Are you making straight As?
Addison: *completely indignant* Grandma. DUH.

UGH I LOVE THOSE KIDS SO MUCH. I miss them terribly.

In other news:

  • tebtosca says I am amazing (her word) and not a stalker (my word).

  • Did I mention I have the day off today? WOOHOO.

  • Not one, but two of my co-workers had meltdowns yesterday. I'm sad for them, but hey! Wasn't me for once!

  • Everything rlbivob, all the time.

  • I have been having so much fun on LJ lately. I have missed this feeling. But I love coming here and talking to people and discovering new things, and YES. Good feelings!

  • I also don't hate twitter today! (I often do.) I'm at @wendylibrarian (books and work) and @wendy_d (RL and fandom), come find me!

  • This mug of tea is DELICIOUS.

  • Have I told y'all yet that I finally broke down and bought a Keurig? I HATE it. Everything I make tastes like burned coffee-water. It's so weird. I need to call their customer service line and get help. But. I don't want to.

  • Onward with this day YAY! Come say hi and let's chat -- about anything!
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