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1. I was forced to retire my most favorite pair of PJ pants today. I've had them for ten years, and I bought them at a thrift store so they were used and old even before they became mine. They were a super soft cotton, and a little long. Eventually I wore through the hems, and a few months ago, I stepped on the hem and put my foot through it. Oh well! I just trimmed off the floppy edge and kept going. This morning, I rolled over in bed, caught the pant leg under my body and RIIIPPPP. The material split all the way up the leg. SIGH. Sad times y'all.

2. Yet another day off has gone by that I didn't email Helen about books OR start coding the BB claims post. That second one is especially bad, whoops. I will regret this so much, every soon.

3. I tried a new dentist, which I shall tell you about. But first, my previous dentist left their practice, but I needed a cleaning so I went to the replacement. This was back in September. That's when I started the crown debacle, which you may or may not remember. But, in short, it took me ten weeks and eight visits (three due to the crown coming off) before they finally got me set. At my final crown appointment, they also did my six month cleaning. During that cleaning, the dentist said I had three cavities. One that was large and needed to be addressed ASAP, one that was small, but if they were going to numb me for the first one, they might as well look at that one too, and one in one of my wisdom teeth. She said it isn't worth putting a filing in a wisdom tooth and that they'd just pull it. That's what finally pissed me off. It seems to me that pulling a tooth should be a LAST resort, not a first course of action.

So, I bided my time for six months and went to the new dentist today. Guess what? No cavities. ZERO. Also said my gum lines were fine, which quack dentist had said were a big problem. Also said my silver fillings were beautiful and would continue to be fine for the time being, while quack dentist said they all needed to be replaced with clear fillings.

THE POINT IS: Always trust your gut about healthcare. I knew that old dentist was whack, and I was right. She wanted to pull my tooth and fill non-existent cavities!! *flail*

4. RLBIVOB update today!

5. Waiting for a friend to get off work. We're going to take her kids out for Mexican or pancakes. They get to choose. *beams*
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