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you don't have to make a sound 'cause they got what you need

This morning I coded all the BB stories that have been turned in so far. Exciting! We are going to have a great summer y'all. Can't wait to share these all soon!

Technically I'm off today, but I'm going in for a few hours this afternoon to practice a puppet show. True story.

Other agenda items for today include: dishes, laundry, a trip to Goodwill, trip to post office, and reading as much J2 fic as possible.

Now. How about a little picspam? It KILLS me to hide these under a cut, so click through and have a look!

 photo BcnRI-tCYAABvCo_zps62ccb615.jpg

 photo untitledj2_zps667bdf05.jpg

 photo BlhvHQwIAAEVV___zpsa80ebcf6.png

 photo fc550x550black_u1_zps711705ff.jpg
(paperbackwriter ♥)

 photo BlNEY-YCEAAuhyM_zps7410ef88.jpg

 photo Bk55jo_CYAA0el1_zpsf0e368c9.jpg

 photo 1902941_478366822265063_6551399044551305890_n_zps3c550d11.jpg

 photo BjAiqoiIAAA1fUj_zps309652e9.jpg

 photo BiEh7aPCQAA9Uch_zps95bbebb5.jpg

 photo BjV7RYkCIAAhh9T_zps375c6774.jpg

 photo 1780002_10152262995807365_211877888_o_zps77f7861e.jpg

 photo 1780008_10152240378037365_2146585701_o_zpse3099f85.jpg

 photo Bi1oSNaCIAAZkvq123_zps1edbc17b.jpg

Happy Friday!!

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