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the policía

So, I shop a lot at Goodwill. And I love to buy t-shirts to sleep in that remind me of fandom things...it's just fun! It all started when I was reading rhythmsextion's amazing QB!Verse and stumbled on a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt and literally felt like I couldn't breathe for a second. I have several now, also a Seattle Seahawks glass that I use as a pencil holder. The stuff makes me happy.

I also have a shirt that says "What's that smell?" on the front and "Your skills stink!" on the back, along with a cartoon of a kid playing soccer. I bought it to remind me of dugindeep's addictive Soccer!Verse.

And I have others too. Like I said, it makes me happy.

So, yesterday I was shopping and thinking that I wanted a shirt to represent my new obsession -- rlbivob by the amazing golden_cyborg. But I couldn't imagine what it would be. I mean, I probably wasn't going to find a t-shirt that said "my boyfriend is in the mob," you know?

But then! I was flipping through shirts and found this!

 photo nypd_zps78d80aca.jpg

And, I was thinking about how FURIOUS it would make Jensen. So! I decided that Jared would wear it to bed, along with some handcuffs both on one wrist, like a bracelet. And Jensen sees it and is like "SERIOUSLY MAN, WTF" and Jared would just bow his head and be like..."I know. I'm a very bad boy. Want the cuffs?" And then, delicious, violent, sexy things would happen.

So YEAH. I bought that shirt in a hot second. HUMINA.
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