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guys wanna wife me, give me the ring

Apparently I didn't read LJ yesterday and so this morning I had to do skip=90 (!!) and I didn't budget that much time but LJ is exploding again (YAAAAY) and I've lost track of where I started and stopped, and BASICALLY...if I missed anything amazing, I'm sorry. But I'm back on track now. *exhale*


Remember how the other day I made a post about the NYC police t-shirt I found and how it related to rlbivob? WELL. golden_cyborg was inspired and wrote this AMAZING piece of deliciousness: Fuck The Police. It is amazing and you must read it. Even if you aren't reading this verse, go read that one part. You must! (Also, if you aren't reading this verse, WHY.)

And, if you can't guess what shirt I slept in last night, then you just don't know me that well at all. GUH! Delicious.

OMG, I am so late for work. Curse you LJ! *shakes fist*

Later gators!

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