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how about I be the last voice you hear tonight

I love how excited everyone is about turning in their BB drafts. You guys make me happy. :)

Had a super fun lunch with friends and experienced fried avocado, which is delicious. Visited my parent's cats only to find out a neighbor is in love with one of the kittens and has been visiting twice a day, so hey! I don't have to do that anymore.

Then I went to Trader Joes and bought $55 worth of cheese and cookies and OH YEAH, I had a $50 gift card so BASICALLY I spent $5. At Trader Joes!!

So far, the macaroons get two thumbs up.

Did you guys know Jordan Knight and Nick Carter were teaming up to make an album?? I am intrigued, but a little scared.

Speaking of boy bands (I WAS), I am obsessed with these lyrics from one Mr. Justin Timberlake:
I know people make promises all the time
Then they turn right around and break them
When someone cuts your heart open with a knife, and you're bleeding
But I could be that guy to heal it over time
And I won’t stop until you believe it
'Cause baby you’re worth it
So don't act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me
'Cause you might mess around and find your dreams come true, with me
Spend all your time and your money just to find out that my love was free
So don't act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me

UNRELATED (that is a lie, nothing in my life is unrelated to this fic anymore), I am going to re-read some of the rlbivob updates because I am like a junkie jonseing for a fix. I NEED IT OK.

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