I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

random pics from yesterday

Baby moose!! I call the one on the left Tom, and the one on the right is Shep.

 photo BnS-HluIIAAvyw__zps8c81ce44.jpg

Max, asleep with all four feet hanging off the couch. How is this comfortable??

 photo photolo_zps50ca6455.jpg

The infamous baked potato, which I did eat.

 photo poptato_zps373cf5a8.jpg

This is what Max looks like when I'm eating cookies and won't share with him.

 photo BnTB0BtCMAAtGD-_zpsfb929867.jpg

Random Jared pic that I stole from big_heart_june. Gah, he is so gorgeous. But my favorite part is the sign in the background. Pretty sure it's impossible to look at this man and NOT want to sin!

 photo tumblr_n4tq0tuBqA1qziuqbo1_500_zpse8109cad.jpg

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