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all your perfect imperfections

  • I have just uploaded my BB pinch hitter spreadsheet to Google Drive so I can harass you guys even while I'm at work. I've never done this before, I've always just kept the master list on my home desktop. I feel like I've entered the 21st century! Let's see how this goes.

  • I started some new medication Friday. It seems to be fixing the issues, which is amaaazing. But OMG the dry mouth! Intense. *drinks more tea*

  • The other day, we were pitching teen programs for Fall to our boss. One of J's was about research skills and he titled it "Search Like a Boss." Our actual boss was all "That doesn't even make sense!" So we were trying to explain the phrase "like a boss" to her and she just DID NOT get it and for once in my life I actually felt like I knew what was going on, haha. I was in the know, y'all. LIKE A BOSS.

  • I have DVRed all the episdoes of Orphan Black this season and am saving them to marathon. Starting next Sunday. Good plan, yes?

  • I am so glad the SPN finale is this week. For one thing, I'll be grateful to put this season in my rearview mirror. Also, everyone seems pretty clear on what they think the finale moments will be (a la the spoilers) but I have a different idea and it's horrible and it makes me want to cry. It also makes Dean even more unredeemable, so I'm hopeful y'all are right and I'm wrong. PLEASE. ETA: milly_gal corrected my faulty canon memory. Y'all are right. That is what will happen. Blah. Not really enthused by that either, but at least it won't make me hate Dean more.

  • I have the last Monument 14 book sitting on my bedside table. Such a good series, I can't wait to start reading and see how she wraps it all up!

  • Also, I have ordered fangasmspn's new book, but Amazon says it's backordered and this makes me sad.

  • Anyone have a killer smoothie recipe that does NOT include strawberries or orange juice?

  • Everything I own (including my lungs) is covered in Max hair -- he is shedding like crazy right now.

  • Anyone have a copy of the Book Lovers edition of Trivial Pursuit that I could buy off you? Seriously. I need it for a work program and it's out of print. I just need the cards. There are some copies on ebay but they're more than I want to pay. Please help me, if you can!

  • What else is going on you guys? I have to work today...tell me better things!
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